BioWare on Anthem Loot Controversy: 'We Are Listening'

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BioWare’s new loot-based shooter Anthem has only been out for a few days (officially) and already the developer has faced plenty of pushback from fans. Most recently, the studio has come under fire for a change that first increased loot drop rates (albeit unintentionally) and then lowering them back down.

Since that time, the Anthem community has been in a heated debate regarding whether the higher loot drop rates were good for the game or bad, but BioWare had yet to chime in on the issue. Now, Game Director Jonathan Warner has come forward to say that the studio is listening, but there are no adjustments to announce right now.

For those that may not have been following along, Friday’s small Anthem update included an unintentional change that raised the drop rates for loot. For about 11 hours players were seeing masterworks and a few legendary items drop from almost every activity on Grandmaster 1 difficulty, and most were happy.

Then later that night players noted that the same activities that once rewarded masterworks or legendary gear were now only giving epic or rare loot. Some Anthem players even did some tests to determine that, whether intentional or not, the loot drop rates had been nerfed and BioWare hadn’t said anything.


This belief continued until Sunday when BioWare Producer Ben Irving told the whole story, explaining about the accidental buff to drop rates and how the team reverted back to the old format. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the answer that most players were looking for and now the forums and subreddit were flooded with complaints that the game was actually fun before and lost its luster after.

To be fair, others felt that the rarity of masterworks and legendary items was better reflected by the lower drop rate, but even those players were simply looking for some answers from BioWare. The studio had been vocal and open on a wide variety of topics that players were concerned when the team went silent.

But finally Jonathan Warner responded to a fan’s question on Twitter and explained that the live team is looking at the eldergame (endgame) of Anthem. Moreover, once they gather enough feedback the team will make adjustments if necessary.

As of right now it sounds as though BioWare is trying to gauge the community’s reaction and decide whether increasing the drop rate is the best course of action. The studio has previously said that it will better tailor the inscriptions (the stats that impact gear and weapons) to the weapons and Javelin type, so that could solve the issue. Masterworks would still be rare, but once a player gets one it will be a huge boost. As it stands now, there are lots of masterworks that carry inscriptions that are useless, like a machine pistol that has an inscription that boosts sniper rifle ammo, for example.

Anthem is still new and BioWare is still trying to get a better understanding of how its experience should evolve. Unfortunately, while it tries to juggle more substantial issues like crashes and progress-halting bugs, hardcore players are looking for more rewarding content.

Anthem is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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