Anthem Loot Drop Rates Nerfed Without BioWare Saying Anything

anthem bioware loot rate nerf

It may just be launch weekend for Anthem, but the developer BioWare has already issued two updates for its latest looter shooter. This may not seem out of the ordinary, and some may appreciate BioWare's readiness to work on the live service game. But it has recently been discovered that the developer is stealth nerfing certain aspects of Anthem, such as the overpowered Storm's Gunslinger Mark component, and the loot drop rate.

Some are arguing that this isn't the best move by BioWare, as many were expecting a certain level of transparency from the Anthem developer when it comes to matters such as theses. It's worth mentioning that evidence for the loot drop rate reduction is entirely anecdotal, but there are too many players having a similar experience for it to not be a legitimate concern. Many are reporting this rate reduction to be happening specifically with legendary contracts and strongholds, essentially endgame content.

One player has reported that prior to the patch, they received anywhere from one to three Masterwork weapons and items per Legendary Contract, and one to four per Stronghold on Grandmaster 1 or 2 difficulties. Now, they are reporting receiving several common items, which seem out of place in the higher tiers of difficulty. Across 12 Legendary Contracts with six players working on this test, it appears there was only a single Masterwork received across the spectrum.

Many are arguing that it is RNG, but even RNG isn't this severe or widespread. What seems to be upsetting Anthem players the most is that this nerf was dropped in stealthily, instead of being properly addressed, making players feel like they've been left out to dry by BioWare. Of course, it is possible that BioWare is simply unaware of the issue, and it was a bug introduced by the latest patch.

Hopefully BioWare will step up and issue an official statement about this issue, and if it was a mistake, fix it quickly. In the meantime, the There Be Giants event is live, so Anthem players may be able to occupy themselves with that.

Anthem is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Reddit

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