Anthem: How to Unlock Legendary Contracts

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Anthem's challenging endgame offers different rarities of loot for players to chase, the most powerful being Legendary and Masterwork gear. One of the best ways to snag powerful gear is through Legendary Contracts. These challenging missions are given out by the factions in Fort Tarsis and give players up to three chances at powerful gear per day. After completing the main campaign of Anthem, players only need to complete a few steps to be able to take on this small slice of endgame content.

Contracts in Anthem are essentially shorter, replayable missions that can be taken to increase reputation with the three factions: the Arcanists, the Sentinels, and the Freelancers. Once players complete the main campaign and reach level 30, they will need to do some work for each of the factions to unlock these daily contracts.

To unlock Legendary Contracts, players will need to do the two quest lines available from the faction and then complete a repeatable contract. As a note, players will need to complete these steps for each of the three factions - but that also means players can take on three Legendary Contracts per day while out and about in their Javelins.

These contracts can reward players with high-power gear that can help them climb the difficulty ranks into Grandmaster. While the Legendary Contracts don't guarantee Masterwork drops, there is certainly a better chance for them versus standard Contracts and exploration. There are plenty of powerful masterwork weapons to chase after in Anthem, with more likely coming after launch, so these Legendary Contracts will definitely help players make good progress toward gearing up.

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While Anthem had a bit of a rough start during the VIP and public demos, BioWare has been regularly patching and updating the experience to meet player expectations. Some players were able to play Anthem early thanks to Origin Access Premier and EA Access, but fans across the globe now have access to Anthem to try for themselves. Hopefully, BioWare will keep up the momentum and continue updating the game to make sure that players have plenty to do as the game's world continues to evolve.

Anthem is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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