Anthem Livestream Shows Off Javelin Customization


With many highly anticipated games now available on store shelves, gamers have begun looking to the next wave of titles coming in early 2019. One of the bigger names on that list is BioWare's open world, third-person shooter Anthem, a game that fans are starting to get more and more information about, like a breakdown of every ability for each of the four classes. After a brief mention earlier in the year, BioWare is finally showing off the game's personalization and Javelin customization system.

In this week's developer livestream, Anthem Lead Producer Ben Irving took part of the 50-minute session to show off how players will be able to take the four Javelin exosuits and really put their mark on them. The Alpha build of the game shows off a menu screen that lets players customize their selected Javelin's loadout and appearance. Under appearance, players have plenty of options to customize including the helmet, paint, arms, chest, wear state, legs, animations, and vinyls.

As described by associate producer Leah Shinkewski, the helmet, arms, chest, and leg slots change the silhouette of the exosuit. Paint, vinyls, and wear state change the physical appearance of the gear while the final animation slot is reserved for emotes, victory poses, and landing style.

The next phase of the demonstration showed off the various personalization options and at first glance, it's a lot more in-depth than many thought. For paint, not only are players changing the color of the gear but the type of material and patterns as well, which has a side effect of changing how light reflects off of the armor. Players can also individually change the numerous layers associated with a piece of gear, allowing for some incredibly detailed and unique looks.

As a tease to the community, the stream also showed off a custom Mass Effect N7 exosuit, similar to the Mass Effect inspired Interceptor Javelin that Michael Gamble showed off on his Twitter account for N7 Day. Thankfully, the stream did confirm that players can create up to 8 unique looks for each of the four classes, so a player won't have to mess with or change an existing look, they can simply create a new one. Not wanting to stop there, the developers also name-dropped another BioWare IP by showing off a Plaidweave design that may strike a chord with Dragon Age fans.

Anthem is currently scheduled to launch on February 22, 2019 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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