Anthem Reveals More Details On the Four Javelin Classes

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Coming into E3 this year, Anthem was one of EA's major titles as well as being one of the most anticipated games for fans. As expected, the shooter finished off EA Play 2018 with a new trailer, a release date reveal, new gameplay footage, and a Q&A session with a few members of the studio like Mark Darrah and Casey Hudson. During the session, the BioWare team revealed a lot of new information on the game including the four different classes available to play as.

In the world of Anthem, these classes are actually wearable exosuits known as Javelins. As a Freelancer, players are free to change their suit whenever they want, as each offers a different gameplay style and abilities to utilize. The four Javelins available at launch are going to be the Ranger, Colossus, Storm, and Interceptor.

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As described by the team, the Ranger is the all-around, jack of all trades class that excels at one on one fights. The hulking Colossus suit is essentially a walking tank while also hitting hard with big weaponry. These two classes were heavily shown off at last year's event. The final two classes weren't spotlighted as much, but fans now know them as the Storm and Inteceptor. Based on looks alone, it would seem that Storm fits the mage role, while Inteceptor is likely an assassin due to its long legs, short mantis-like wings, and agile suit.

There's plenty that BioWare isn't telling about Anthem, though the studio did reveal that each suit has its own skill tree as well as the player pilot. Rumors have also indicated that in addition to physical damage from guns and artillery, elemental magic is also going to play a major role, no doubt highlighted by the Storm javelin. Either way, players won't have to worry about loot boxes or microtransactions getting in the way of gameplay, as BioWare confirmed that only vanity items will be available for purchase.

Anthem launches on February 22, 2019 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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