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As more and more players complete Anthem's main campaign, reach the level cap of 30, and start powering up by acquiring Epic, Masterwork, and Legendary gear, efficient loot acquisition becomes more and more of a priority. As such, understanding how Anthem's mysterious Luck inscription works may seem like it could be beneficial. Coincidentally, BioWare's recently decided to partially reveal how Luck works in Anthem. It's not ready to fully pull back the curtain on Luck's numbers, but every little thing helps when grinding gear.

Luck is an inscription that can be randomly rolled on any given weapon, gear, or component, though in-game it's referenced as "Support +##% Luck." Presumably, the more items a player equips with this Luck inscription on them, the better the odds of receiving higher tier gear. However, according to BioWare's technical design director Brenon Holmes, it's not quite that simple.

Rather than each percentage point of Luck being a direct manipulation on loot rarity odds, Luck is instead broken into thresholds. For example, anything below 100 Luck is, in effect, equal to having no Luck at all. After that threshold is met, it ramps up much more intuitively and new thresholds are layered every 10 points up to a maximum of 190. In summary, don't bother using items with Luck unless you can get to +101% or more. And in order to get the maximum bonus out of Luck, try and reach +190% or more. Anything between 101 and 190 will have scaling thresholds every 10 points.

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BioWare isn't ready to share all of its secrets, however. It's not sharing odds at which different rarity loot will drop yet, if ever, and it's not sharing the exact numbers regarding how Luck will shift players odds of earning a higher-rarity item. It could be meaningful or it could be less than 1% of a change with respect to an Epic turning into a Masterwork. Still, knowing that having a certain amount of luck improves loot should be enough to appease Anthem players.

There's one other additional detail that Holmes revealed during his Luck discussion worth mentioning. According to Holmes, different tiers of enemies have different odds of dropping certain rarities of loot. Holmes cites an example of an Ursix having an inflated chance of dropping items. Due to this tier difference, Luck has much less of an effect on items dropping from an Ursix or similar tier enemies when compared to "basic" enemies. The implication being that it's likely not worth it to stack Luck if it comes at the expense of doing damage, since stronger enemies drop better loot no matter a player's Luck. So it makes sense to prioritize killing stronger enemies faster than having a better chance of good loot killing weak enemies.

Anthem players have their work cut out for themselves now. Since BioWare won't share detailed odds, it'll be up to players to test killing a variety of enemies at different Luck thresholds and then analyzing the results. Nevermind that BioWare's currently reevaluating loot and could rework the entire system going forward.

Anthem is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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