Anthem Secretly Nerfs Item That Lets Players Deal Big Damage


It’s no secret that BioWare’s new game Anthem has issues, from long loading screens to game-breaking missions, but there actually benefit the player. Within the game, there are a few bugs that actually buff player damage to the point they can deal upwards of 1 million damage in a single shot. Unfortunately, one of those bugged items has been nerfed to the ground.

Saturday morning, Anthem received a patch that was meant to fix an issue with one of the game’s strongholds, prevent crashes, and turn HDR back on for consoles that support the feature. However, there were some other changes in the patch that BioWare did not point out, like a nerf to the Gunslinger’s Mark component for the Storm Javelin.

Previously, the Gunslinger’s Mark was able to give players 60% bonus damage when they were hovering. As a Storm this was a very useful component since the Javelin class spends the majority of its time in the air.

But what players found is that if they dodged while hovering the Gunslinger’s Mark buff would proc again, giving them 120% damage. What’s more, as long as the Anthem player kept dodging they could keep stacking the buff, which is why you can see some players delivering 1 million points of damage with a single shot.

Unfortunately, BioWare’s stealth fix for this was to reduce the component’s buff down to 0%, rendering it practically useless. They didn’t call any attention to the nerf, but Producer Ben Irving did acknowledge it when an Anthem fan brought it up.

storm gunslingers mark component

Why exactly BioWare decided to secretly nerf the component rather than wait until a fix could be made is unclear, but it’s likely that the developer did not like players trivializing the content. With these stacking buffs, players could get through missions and strongholds in Anthem on Grandmaster 1 difficulty with ease and farm masterwork and legendary gear.

Then again, since Anthem doesn’t feature PvP, the added buffs were not hurting the experience for anyone. We’ve seen this in other loot-based games and unfortunately BioWare is following suit.

But the real issue is that a bug like this gets fixed relatively quickly, and yet there are components in the game that are actually broken. Many simply don’t work as advertised (or at all) and BioWare has yet to deliver a fix for those. So while quick fixes are nice, there needs to be some balance.

Anthem is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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