BioWare’s sci-fi RPG Anthem was one of the stars of the EA E3 2018 press conference. BioWare had plenty to reveal about its upcoming game including information about loot boxes, details about customization, the different sorts of mech suits on offer to players and lots more. One of the standout parts of the Anthem segment of the show, however, was a new gameplay demo that features combat, story quests and the tease of one very epic boss battle.

In the new Anthem gameplay footage, a team of four players teams up to locate the source of some poison as part of a story quest called Scars and Villainy. The group follows the trail, swimming through the water to a cavern deep below, only to discover a “Shaper relic” that’s giving off radiant energy; Echoes of something called the “anthem of creation.” The players must clear out the Scar patrols that are gathered around the site of the relic (including some very rowdy Scrappers) and collect these Echoes in order to proceed with the quest.

After the team makes like work of the Scar patrols and successfully collects the Echoes, the players continue to search for the source of the poison. They detect that there is a huge amount of eggs beneath their feet and these were likely laid by the same creature that left the trail of poison. Sure enough, the players find the nest of the eggs but before they have a chance to do anything about the infestation, a giant, bulbous creature with bulging egg sacs drops from the ceiling. Viewers don’t get to see how the rest of that battle plays out, but the video appears to be teasing a massive Anthem boss battle.

This latest Anthem gameplay demo offers fans a solid look at the game. The gameplay footage revealed at last year’s E3 presentation was more of an introduction to the world and its sci-fi setting, whereas this gives fans a rough idea of the story.

But with that said there are still plenty of questions left unanswered about the game and other gameplay features to show off. For example, what exactly is the “anthem of creation”? And what are all the ways that players can customize their Javelin mech suits? Fans of the upcoming BioWare game will have their fingers crossed that the Anthem developer will reveal lots more soon.

Anthem will be released on February 22, 2019 on PC, PS4, and Xbox Onegame rant e3 2018 banner