Anthem Gameplay Livestream Planned for November

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A closer look at gameplay for Anthem, BioWare's online multiplayer action RPG, may be just over a week away. Lead producer Mike Gamble posted on social media Monday morning that he and co-producer Ben Irving are planning to livestream Anthem gameplay for Halloween. Gamble then corrected that the livestream would actually be on November 1, but that Irving would still wear his "giant Transformers costume." More details are expected soon.

It has been several months since BioWare provided its first in-depth look at Anthem during E3 2018, but since the game's launch is still more than half a year away much was held back. BioWare fans have anxiously awaited a more thorough unveiling as Anthem gets closer to launch, but few likely expected a surprise live demonstration from the game's producers.

According to Gamble, he's planning on just grabbing a "random" and hopefully stable build of Anthem to play on. This won't be a pre-recorded or otherwise scripted demo like at E3. This will be BioWare's first opportunity to show people simply playing the game. With the game still being in an alpha state, the gameplay is certain to be raw and hopefully unchoreographed. It will hopefully be exactly what fans have been looking forward to.

Needless to say, Anthem is still in development and what Gamble and Irving will be able to show is likely to be limited. Anthem being in an alpha state, which means that it is running but not content complete, was confirmed only two weeks ago. With several months left before Anthem's launch, BioWare still has plenty of time to put together what's remaining of the game. If anything, the willingness to share the game in a live environment just shows how confident the team is to share what's currently available.

Today's announcement marks just the latest example of BioWare's efforts to be transparent and communicative with Anthem's prospective community. Michael Gamble and Mark Darrah, among several BioWare employees, have spent the months since E3 answering as many fan questions as they're able -- and often the same question they've already answered. The November 1 livestream is just an extension of that, and will potentially grow into a routine.

Anthem releases on February 21, 2019 for the PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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