Anthem Gameplay Revealed During Xbox E3


For the grand finale of Microsoft's press conference, the company had something very special saved for us - the first official gameplay of the BioWare's new IP, Anthem. First announced yesterday during EA's E3 presentation, Anthem looks to be a promising new game with a huge amount of potential.

Finishing up their conference in style, Microsoft dropped a 7-minute clip of Anthem gameplay which is all captured in-game, running in real-time. The video starts with the game's two Freelancers meeting to search for missing persons beyond the safety of the city walls.

Freelancers have the task of exploring the surrounding world, as well as protecting humanity from the threats that lie beyond the wall. To do this, the soldiers use powerful Javelin suits that can be heavily customized to suit player style. One player uses her recently-upgraded Ranger class, while the other mounts up in a heavy Colossus which is equipped with a devastating mortar.

The Javelin exo-suits grant players super-human abilities, thanks to heavy armor and a fully-functional jetpack. It seems as though the equipment of each Javelin can be built freely, and each comes with a different array of abilities.

Leveling up will be present in Anthem when the game releases in Fall 2018, and players will gain experience from finishing combat encounters as well as making discoveries in their surroundings. Occasionally situations will end in a loot drop which seems to assign a random weapon or piece of equipment to the player.

Anthem is host to a dynamic, ever-changing world, and large-scale events such as Shaper Storms will be worth watching out for. When the player in the video receives warning of a storm coming, she makes sure to assemble a crew of four to tackle the upcoming challenge which shows a clear intention for drop-in multiplayer to be present in Anthem's core gameplay.

The game looks visually incredible, and Microsoft are sure to be pushing players to buy the title on their new, powerful Xbox One X. However, we're yet to see which specific platforms BioWare will be releasing Anthem for.

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Anthem is currently set to release in Fall 2018.

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