Anthem Dev Confirms No Season Pass: 'Just Get The Game'

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In a gaming landscape where Season or Annual Passes and paid DLC have become the norm to enjoy a game's post-launch content, a developer behind BioWare's Anthem says, "Just get the game." While BioWare had previously stated that there would be no Season Pass for the game about seven months ago during E3, this further confirms that EA and BioWare are sticking to that commitment.

Anthem is in an Alpha state, with some players taking part in a closed Alpha demo earlier this month, and the game releases February 22, 2019, so launch and post-launch plans should be even more in focus for the developer than last summer when many of those statements were made. BioWare has not revealed exactly what Anthem's post-launch content will be, but according to lead producer Michael Gamble, players will be able to enjoy all the content Anthem has - and will have - to offer by paying just the game's initial price tag.

Here's what we know so far about the content that's to come with Anthem. First off, BioWare has said Anthem will ship as a complete package on day one, attempting to quell concerns raised by other games-as-service that often ship light on content with promises that more is coming soon (sometimes as additional paid DLC.)


Secondly, Anthem is already committing to story DLC post-launch, and BioWare has already promised that that story DLC will be completely free, staying true to the previous commitments to no Season Pass or paid DLC. So it sounds like BioWare is definitely committing to delivering some narrative content for Anthem's future.

Lastly, BioWare says it is taking inspiration from Fortnite's seasonal events for Anthem's post-launch plans. Not unlike many other live games, such as Destiny 2, it appears that Anthem will also offer a number of live events that will be free to all. While all this sounds like great promises from BioWare, especially in a time when many players are tired of continuously paying for more post-launch content, players will have to wait and see exactly how robust Anthem's post-launch content offerings are. As for what will be paid, Anthem will be offering microtransactions for vanity items.

Anthem releases February 22, 2019, for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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