Anthem Player Gets Refund Due to 'False Advertising' Despite Playing Game for Months

anthem player gets refund due to false advertising

While much of the conversation after Anthem's launch has centered around its troubled development and the delay of content promised by its 90 day roadmap, one of the biggest controversies at launch was its tendency to cause full system crashes on PS4. While there hasn't been much evidence that Anthem bricked PS4s as some have claimed, the full system crash bug was still a serious issue, and it was enough of a problem that Sony apparently issued refunds for the game. However, the crashing bug isn't the only way Anthem players have gotten refunded for the game, with Reddit user lastKryptonian1991 claiming to have gotten a refund months after launch.

lastKryptonian1991 pre-ordered the Legion of Dawn edition of Anthem through Amazon, sticking with the game until now in hopes that it would get better. However, after BioWare failed to deliver on the content promised in its 90 day roadmap, lastKryptonian1991 felt as though they were entitled to a refund, and it seems Amazon agreed with them.

Providing a copy of their conversation with Amazon customer support as proof, lastKryptonian1991 made the case that since BioWare didn't deliver the content promised by the roadmap, it amounted to false advertising and fraud. With basically no resistance from Amazon customer support, lastKryptonian1991 was able to secure a full refund for Anthem, which was issued even before he sent the game back to the company.

anthem player gets refund due to false advertising and fraud

Before too many disgruntled Anthem players get excited about the possibility that they could get a refund as well, it should be noted that Amazon is well-known for high quality customer support compared to other companies. It's unlikely that people who played Anthem for months digitally on PS4 or Xbox One or purchased the game at another retailer like Walmart would be able to get a refund like lastKryptonian1991.

Anthem has proven to be quite the headache for BioWare and EA. The game's failure saw the release of a biting report that revealed excessive crunch time and a lack of direction at the studio. Its continued struggles as a live-service has put its future in jeopardy, and with many of its lead developers moving on to Dragon Age 4, it seems unlikely Anthem will be supported for 10 years as previously promised.

Anthem is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Reddit

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