Anthem Masterwork and Legendary Loot Farm Discovered

anthem legion of dawn armor

Anthem has only been available in early access for less than a week and already players are looking for good sources of farming loot. Thus far, several worthy loot farming candidates have emerged, but one of the best will help players amass a small stockpile of legendary and masterwork gear.

In order to farm legendary and masterwork gear, Anthem players will first want to complete the Anthem story and get their gear level up into the 400s. By itself, that process will take a while but players won’t want legendary and masterwork gear until they are in the endgame anyway.

Once prepared gear level-wise, load up the mission called Mysterious Beginnings on Grandmaster 1 difficulty. Anthem offers three different Grandmaster difficulty levels and each carries a higher chance of dropping legendary and masterwork gear. GM 1 is the lowest but for this farm it strikes a nice balance between being able to farm gear and not worry about getting instantly killed by enemies.

anthem loot farm mission

Head through the mission like normal until you get the objective ‘Find and Recover the Cypher Link.’ In a boss room, players will need to defeat outlaws and a large titan called Ursix. Ignore the Outlaws and focus on killing Ursix.

The farm element begins once players kill Ursix. He will drop some loot, usually a couple Epic (purple) items, and occasionally a Masterwork (orange) or Legendary (yellow). After Ursix is dead use the exploding barrels around the room to take damage and then let the Outlaws finish you off. The whole team needs to go down and then the boss fight will reload.

Now, the process becomes killing Ursix, wiping to the barrels/outlaws, and loading the instance again. Ursix will drop loot each time but we recommend only picking up Legendary and Masterwork gear. At this point, players shouldn’t need Epic items although if you want to pick up everything you can, but definitely pick up the Legendary and Masterworks in case the game crashes.

To recap:

  • Step 1: Load up Mysterious Beginnings.
  • Step 2: Complete all mission objectives until you reach Ursix
  • Step 3: Kill Ursix and collect any loot you want
  • Step 4: Use barrels and Outlaws to kill you
  • Step 5: Restart boss fight

As with most loot farms, this Anthem masterwork and legendary farm is by no means glamorous but it is an efficient farm. And as players achieve higher gear level, they can attempt it on Grandmaster 2 or Grandmaster 3 difficulty, which have higher chances of dropping top tier loot.

Anthem is available now on PC through Origin Access Premier or for a 10-hour trial on Xbox One’s EA Access. The full game releases February 22, 2019 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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