Anthem: Where to Find Ember

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Depending on your console of choice, the world of Anthem is open and ready to be explored. One of the first things that will become clear is the importance of Ember, a rare ingredient for crafting. Whether you're already donning a javelin or waiting for your chance, here are some quick tips on accumulating Ember.

It isn't too difficult to find Ember, but the game also doesn't outright tell players how to do so. What's more, gathering the material is one of the earliest quests available. It is a task given by Prospero, the merchant in the Fort Tarsis bazaar. Before players can start crafting at the Forge, Prospero will ask players to find three Embers in Bastion.

Ember can be acquired as a bonus item from loot drops, but the most reliable source is resource nodes scattered around the map. Another option is breaking down unwanted equipment, as there's a chance of scoring Ember that way as well. However, as a fresh face in the world of Anthem, you probably won't have a ton of equipment in stock to go through that process repeatedly.

One of the best options in the early portions of the game is to scour the area around Bastion in free-play mode. Occasionally, players will be notified of an event nearby. Heed that call, as completing the event just might reward you with some precious Ember.

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Farming Ember may take longer than expected, and that is only partly due to actually having to find the stuff. The rest of the process is held back by the often ridiculous load times players have been experiencing. While bigger games like Anthem require a bit more time to get everything in order for players, it doesn't lessen the frustration that comes from having to stare at a loading screen for nearly a minute in some cases. There are players using these periods to inject humor into this unwanted situation, like Twitch streamer Brozime, who decided to play the entire Seinfeld closing credits during a loading screen to see if they would finish before the game fully loads.

Those players can who were eligible for early access should know that they also have the ability to claim their pre-order bonuses, such as the Legion of Dawn edition content. Some of the bonus items are really intended to give players a leg up early on in the game, so claiming them as soon as possible will benefit them the most. Anyone looking for information on how to claim these pre-order bonuses, including the Legion of Dawn digital content, we created a quick guide on how to do just that.

Anthem releases February 22 on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Early Access is available now via Origin Access on PC and EA Access on Xbox One.

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