The Anthem gameplay trailer that BioWare showed at E3 2017 was impressive, and showed off co-operative gameplay, combat, and exploration. However, these weren’t the only things that the trailer included, as further analysis suggests that it was hiding a few other secrets as well.

According to a closer look at the trailer by YouTuber Arekkz Gaming, it seems that Anthem may feature elemental skills and loadouts. Towards the end of the Anthem trailer, two others players join the game to form a team, and when their names pop up they also have some icons next to them.

The icons seem to depict a bolt of lightning and a snowflake, and these – combined with concept art for the game – highly suggest that players can customize their Javelin suits and their abilities based on the elements. That could also lead to players working together to build the best team composition for a specific type of enemy.

Given that BioWare has teased that there will be lots of configurations for the Javelin suits, it stands to reason that the developer would incorporate the elements for added customization. But the decision to include elemental skills is only going to lead to more comparisons between the BioWare game and Destiny, as the latter featured elemental combat (e.g with Solar and Arc damage) too.

Arekkz’s video also sheds light on what sort of missions Anthem players will be able to take part in. While tasks such as discovering new locations and landmarks were featured in the trailer, vector images of task marker icons may provide further insight. There are two that likely point to general story missions and major narrative content, an ominous skull points to huge bosses and connected events, while a flag hints at outposts and vendors to trade with. Those are all standard RPG fare, but some fans may be hoping for a little more variety.

BioWare has plenty more to show about the game, including more about Anthem‘s science-fantasy theme and Star Wars inspiration. There’s still over a year to go until the game is released, and very little is known about its story. Hopefully the developer feels inclined to share more soon, but in the meantime, it’s time to comb that trailer for even more clues and secrets.

Anthem is set to release in 2018 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Arekkz Gaming – YouTube