Anthem Director: If It Were Up To Me, We Would All Play On the Same Day

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In anticipation of Anthem's launch, EA has released a chart outlining exactly when fans will have access to the title — something that is determined by the player's preferred platform and if they are an Origin or EA Access subscriber. This staggered launch has led to some frustration in the community, and Jonathan Warner, the game's director, has chimed in on the matter.

Taking to Twitter, Warner indicated that, if it were up to him, all players would be jumping into Anthem on the same day. His tweet came specifically in response to a fan that was frustrated about the lack of early access options available to those looking to play on PlayStation 4, and Warner states that this is between EA and Sony, and completely out of his hands.

Indeed, PlayStation 4 owners will need to wait until February 22 before they can play BioWare's new action RPG. This is true even for those that have pre-ordered PlayStation 4 copies of either the Standard or Legion of Dawn Editions of the game.

By contrast, Xbox One players that are subscribed to EA Access, along with PC players that are subscribed to Origin Access Basic, will be able to begin playing on February 15, though they will be limited to 10 hours of play prior to the official release date. PC owners with Origin Access Premier subscriptions, on the other hand, can start experiencing the full game, without restrictions, on February 15.

This type of staggered release is not a new concept for titles published by EA. For example, Battlefield 5, which was released at the end of last year, allowed players with Origin or EA Access subscriptions to play the first-person shooter more than a week before those that had simply purchased a Standard Edition of the game. However, with Anthem, Warner's tweet has made it clear that this structure is not something aligned with his preference for the game.

EA's chart also notes that all pre-orders and subscribers, regardless of platform, will have access to the game's demo beginning February 1. That said, this demo is open to everyone, including those that may have no current plan to purchase the title, and it is thus unlikely that this information will quell any unrest players are feeling about Anthem's fractured launch.

Anthem is scheduled to release on February 22, 2019 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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