Michael Gamble, the lead producer for Anthem, recently hosted an AMA where he revealed a key note about character customization. Considering fans of the game just learned that there would only be two dialogue options, there may be some who are less excited about this new reveal. It appears, according to the below tweets, that players will not be able to customize their character’s face.

When asked about character customization, Gamble revealed that players get a choice of gender, voice, and “face options.” While this remark concerning Anthem‘s customization is a bit broad, in a follow-up tweet, he directly stated that players “can choose a head.” For some, this may be a disappointing reveal, but for others, it makes sense.

While Gamble doesn’t directly state why this is the case, others have pointed out that the game is first-person when in the hub of Fort Tarsis and third-person when in a Javelin. In other words, it doesn’t seem like gamers will see their character’s face a lot. Some also think this is a result of Mass Effect Andromeda‘s facial animation scandal, but regardless, check out the reveal below:

Although some may find this disappointing, it doesn’t necessarily reflect the level of customization throughout the game, as players will have multiple Javelins at their disposal. It has also recently been revealed that all Anthem story-based DLC will be free, which may be near-universally accepted among gamers. After all, who doesn’t want free extensions of a game?

Regardless, players will be able to see at launch how deep the customization goes. For those itching to get their hands on this game, it’s worth mentioning that a demo is set to launch at the beginning of February. While that’s not as soon as some would like, it’s still a few weeks sooner that players are suiting up.

Anthem will release on February 22, 2019, for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC