Anthem Public Test Server Will Debut Cataclysm Content

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Despite weeks of silence, it seems BioWare is now ready to move forward with the next chapter of Anthem. Today BioWare issued Anthem's first patch in some time, while also confirming the nearness of the much anticipated Cataclysm event. While the update in question, patch 1.2, contains some new content, the heart of it is said to be "under the hood content" being put into place in preparation for the Cataclysm. Before the Cataclysm goes live, however, BioWare wants to do some testing.

Starting soon, BioWare will be launching a PC-only test server for Anthem where it can have players run new content through the gamut before pushing it live. The Cataclysm event will be the first use of the Public Test Server, though other smaller fixes will also be put to public test at the same time. Then, presumably, the PTS will be used for similar content plans for the rest of Anthem's future as necessary.

To showcase the Cataclysm and perhaps encourage past Anthem players to help test the new content on the PTS, BioWare has scheduled a livestream for May 30 at 3:00 pm Central. It has been some time since BioWare last ran a livestream and, suffice to say, there was a lot of negativity surrounding the game at that point. BioWare's likely hoping that the community will have calmed down somewhat since then.

The 1.2 patch itself won't be too exciting for Anthem players looking for a reason to go back.  Three Emerald Abyss Legendary Missions have been added to the game, the compass now tracks collectible items when the player is nearby, enemies that drop loot will appear as a target icon, and several Strider fast travel locations have been added for freeplay. Otherwise, the majority of the patch focuses on bug fixes and gear balance changes, though some are quite significant.

Separate from today's BioWare update on Anthem, Electronic Arts issued its livestreaming schedule for EA Play at E3 2019. There were rumors that Anthem would make an appearance at the event, allowing BioWare to showcase the Cataclysm or some other plans that were in the works. But those rumors now appear to be false, as Anthem is not listed on the EA Play schedule. Anthem fans will have to do with tomorrow's BioWare livestream and the promise of the Cataclysm's near release.

Anthem is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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