BioWare Clarifies Anthem Release Date

Anthem Release Date

Yesterday finally opened the curtains on the mysterious new BioWare IP that has intrigued fans for some time, with a teaser trailer revealing that the studio created a sci-fi title named Anthem. The game's inaugural trailer hinted at the general plot outline for Anthem, which will involve soldiers moving beyond a huge protective wall and fighting the dangers beyond in a world of primeval beauty. The game hints that "the story isn't over yet", meaning humanity may have taken quite a beating in this setting.

The initial trailer was a textbook example of short-and-sweet, and it left fans purposefully guessing what Anthem could entail. The game is poised to have a gameplay reveal later today at the Microsoft Press Conference, which should clarify what exactly the soldiers are fighting wiyth their jetpack-powered exosuits. While the initial trailer didn't actually say a release date, the YouTube channel for Anthem eventually added Spring 2018 as the official release date.

As it turns out, this was a mistake: A new update suggests that Anthem will unequivocally launch in the fall 2018 window.

It's quite likely that a more specific release date will be announced later today at Microsoft's E3 2017 conference, so fans interested in hearing more about Anthem should tune in when it begins at 2PM PDT. Microsoft head Phil Spencer has forewarning that the presentation will likely extend beyond 90 minutes, a good indication that the event will be chock full of trailers longer than what Anthem's first look provided.

BioWare had done a good job keeping Anthem under wraps ahead of its first look yesterday, as fans only knew the project by its pre-production codename Dylan. Nobody had known further details on what kind of game the mysterious title would be. Now, BioWare will be banking that Anthem provides a much more universally positive reaction than the last game it created with jetpacks did.

What do you think about Anthem so far, Ranters?

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Anthem will likely release fall 2018 for Xbox One, with other consoles possibly to be confirmed. Given that the gameplay trailer has been saved for Microsoft's conference, it wouldn't be surprising if the game was an Xbox One exclusive.

Source: BioWare

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