BioWare's Anthem Likely to Have a Public Beta

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News on BioWare's new property was one of the most-wanted reveals from E3 2017, and the expo so far has not disappointed. The new game, called Anthem, was officially revealed via a teaser trailer during the EA Play 2017 event, before more news was confirmed during the Xbox showcase. Although the specifics of the game have yet to be unveiled, some potential discoveries may be found from old quotes, such as the fact that the title is likely to have a public beta.

This news comes courtesy of an old interview with Anthem game director Jonathan Warner, who appeared on the Functional Nerds podcast back in 2015. At that point, Anthem was merely known as BioWare's new IP, but the subject of the game's development came up in discussions. There, the topic moved onto alpha and beta testing, where Warner explained that EA was looking put the game through its paces via a public beta.

Warner stated that "EA has a really nice infrastructure for putting together focus test groups," and that it followed into an alpha or beta process that normally revolved around bringing in friends and family. However, Warner explained that "we're going to be looking to expand that out and start getting into more public betas - especially for this new project."

Of course, it is worth taking this quote with a pinch of salt. After all, the interview in question happened back in 2015, and so many things could have changed in the development cycle of the project to ensure that the game is unable to make it to a public beta state. However, given that some have been speculating that Anthem could be a Destiny 2 competitor, it would make sense to allow gamers to run the game via a public beta to ensure the title is up to standard.

It wouldn't be the only time that BioWare had attempted to enter into the world of public beta testing, either. Mass Effect: Andromeda was due to have a public beta of its own multiplayer modes, but this technical test was unfortunately cancelled prior to the beta going live. Hopefully, a beta for Anthem would have more luck.

Of course, there is still a long way to go before Anthem is ready for a public beta stage, should the availability arise for one. The game is not due to release until fall 2018, and so for now gamers are simply left with the Anthem's debut gameplay trailer for company.

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Anthem is currently scheduled for release in fall 2018.

Source: Functional Nerds, Reddit

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