When Anthem was revealed during E3 2017, it was met with huge applause. As a sci-fi exploration game where players can take on hulking beasts, fly around in exo-suits, and team up with friends, the game practically sold itself. Despite this though, BioWare is now unveiling a very unusual strategy to promote its game.

The first step in this unconventional marketing plan is to create a giant corn maze. Edmonton Corn Maze planted an entire field of corn before etching BioWare’s design into it – creating a giant Anthem mech suit complete with the BioWare logo underneath.

The developer explains that “in a world saturated with banners and billboards, getting the message out about our new game, Anthem, is more important than ever.” BioWare also asks, “What better way to celebrate the growth of a new game than through corn, which also grows?”

BioWare doesn’t seem to be taking itself too seriously with this marketing strategy and indeed, the video looks like a parody of other company’s marketing. There’s even an “outtake” at the end in which it asks Jesse Kraay, the owner of Edmonton Corn Maze, how it was to work for BioWare and Kraay asks if the answer should be honest. It’s very weird, but also very silly and could hint at a less serious side to Anthem itself.

Unfortunately, though, some fans have had an adverse reaction to the video. The comments are flooded with people saying that BioWare should focus less on promoting the game through unconventional methods and more on making the game something worth playing.

There are also many comments from unhappy Mass Effect: Andromeda players. Andromeda was received poorly by fans and critics and poor sales of the sci-fi RPG make any single-player DLC unlikely. Mass Effect: Andromeda and Anthem are developed by BioWare Montreal and BioWare Edmonton, respectively, which are two different development teams. However, some unhappy fans are accusing the company of neglecting Andromeda to work on Anthem instead.

While the fury may be misplaced, the comments do show that that BioWare’s brand has been tarnished by the Andromeda debacle. While there is significant hype around Anthem and its elemental combat, there is also a significant portion of players who won’t touch a BioWare game until they are convinced that the company won’t repeat its past mistakes. A video of a corn maze won’t do much on that front, so the developer has a lot of work to do between now and Anthem‘s release date.

BioWare’s Anthem is slated to release sometime in fall 2018 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: BioWare Base – YouTube