It has been quite some time since either BioWare or Electronic Arts has shared any official details regarding the forthcoming title Anthem, as the project skipped gamescom 2017 in order for EA to focus on games coming out this year instead. Now, however, some good news has come from BioWare’s Jonathan Warner, with the game director having confirmed that the release will be receiving a beta sometime down the line.

As seen below in the exchange between a fan and Warner on Twitter, while Anthem will definitely be getting a beta, the game’s director failed to provide any additional pieces of information regarding exactly when it will occur. As a matter of fact, other users went on to prod Warner for more particulars, but since the game is still “a distance out,” it’s “too soon for details” as to whether the beta will be open or closed, and which platforms will host the testing period.

Aside from this confirmation of Anthem‘s beta, one of the most recent bits of concrete news related to the game came from BioWare revealing a corn maze to advertise the title, with the creation involving the design of a mech suit complete with the studio’s logo underneath. With this being the case, the simple verification of the game receiving a beta seems absolutely earth-shattering in comparison.

Since there’s no telling exactly when fans will learn any more about Anthem and its forthcoming launch, one can only speculate that BioWare and Electronic Arts will use PlayStation Experience 2017 as a platform to further promote the title, and perhaps even set a beta date in stone at the event. However, considering the fact that Anthem was featured heavily during Microsoft’s E3 2017 press conference, developers might decide to forego this year’s PSX altogether in favor of further refining the title in a bid to get materials together for a much bigger reveal at E3 2018.

Anthem is currently scheduled to release sometime in the fall of 2018 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Jonathan Warner – Twitter