Anthem: How to Complete the Beasts of the Field Event

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The latest Anthem time-limited in-game event is now available, though many players may not have realized it. Starting Tuesday, the Beasts of the Field event began in Anthem with a now typical 3-day event timer. Players will have through Thursday, March 13 to complete the event's objectives. To view and track the Beasts of the Field event, players can open their Challenges menu, go into the Combat subsection, and then select the event from there.

There's no need to feel rushed the event, however, because Beasts of the Field's goal is simply to kill a total of 100 "predators." Players will be rewarded 1,000 coin for completing this task. It's a very straightforward event that can easily be completed just through casual gameplay, with a very plain reward that's of no more priority than completing Anthem's daily challenges.

For those wanting to make the most of Beasts of the Field, Freeplay mode has been overpopulated with predators. The northwest corner of the Freeplay map, in particular, is intended to be a focus for the duration of the event. Predators should include the following enemy types: Anrisaur's, Brutes, Korox, Skorpions, Spiders, Tesilars, Ursix, Wolven, and Wyverns. The exact list of event predators isn't confirmed, so some of the enemies listed here might be incorrect.

As for lore, there isn't much more to Anthem's Beasts of the Field event than meets the eye. The event synopsis that can be found via Anthem's News list or on the game's roadmap doesn't provide much further context. "Reports in from ranches and caravans outside the walls - the fauna of Bastion are acting erratically." It's possible that this could be building up to a bigger Anthem story event, but that doesn't give much gravity to the current event.

anthem beasts of the field

Beasts of the Field joins the list of Anthem's so-far middling events, such as Scar Infestation and Outlaw Outrage. These events increase certain types of enemies in Freeplay, mixing up gameplay very little but still to a noticeable degree, and then reward very little. Anthem's There Be Giants event shows that there's some potential to these events than what BioWare's currently offering, adding named boss monsters to the map for players to hunt down. Perhaps more of those types of events are in the works, but according to the roadmap they won't arrive until April at the earliest.

Anthem is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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