10 Real-Life Animals That Look Like Pokemon

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The world of Pokemon is known for its immense stable of monsters that roam its various regions and tantalize wannabe Pokemon Masters that are hoping to catch ’em all. While over 700 Pocket Monsters are currently running around within the confines of the series’ various game cartridges, however, the world we live in is much more densely populated with a medley of wildlife.

All walks of life can be found throughout Earth, and while a majority (if not all) of these creatures aren’t capable of following orders like the beasts in Pokemon (nor are they able to breathe fire or control objects with their minds) some look so bizarre that we wouldn’t blame passersby for feeling the urge to throw a Pokeball at them.

So, with that in mind, we’ve created a list of 10 real animals that look like they could very well secretly be Pokemon. Without any further ado, let’s take a look at some of these wacky looking creatures.

Idolomantis Diabolica

Pokemon Mantis

Setting aside immediate comparisons to Scyther, the idolomantis diabolica (better known as the Devil’s Flower Mantis) utilizes a unique form of camouflage to help it blend in with the surrounding foliage. If the possibility of being completely unaware that the insect was sitting on that lovely flower you just picked wasn’t terrifying enough, the mantis also has 180 degrees of vision. This gives it nearly unrivalled perception of the environment it finds itself in, which would make it a valuable asset to your imaginary six-monster team.

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