One YouTuber has put together designs for what could have been an impressive iteration of Animal Crossing on the Nintendo Wii U, with ample console-specific features.

Gamers the world over speculate and wonder about what the next iteration in some of their favorite franchises will look and play like. While opinions for any given title are sure to be few and far between, very few fans ever create anything to accompany these desires. At least, not anything on a scale quite like what The Bit Block has created with its newest Animal Crossing video.

Josh Thomas, the creator of the successful YouTube channel, has managed to put together an incredibly well-made look at how a core entry in the Animal Crossing series could have looked if it made its way to the Nintendo Wii U. While it seems like such a title will never come to pass as a result of the Big N’s forthcoming NX console – something that Thomas himself admits within the intro to the video – it’s still an incredibly detailed and imaginative look at what could have been.

The video opens up with a brand new take on transportation via a hot air balloon, and great ideas for AC only continue to mount as the video rolls on. Utilizing a letter system to send personalized messages to friends, collecting stickers, and mapping out future Public Works Projects by utilizing the GamePad are just a few of the ideas, but we encourage you to see all of them in action below.

These are some great ideas that would have made a Wii U installment a standout product, to be sure. Still, perhaps there’s a chance that such ideas can be rolled into a new Animal Crossing at some point down the line – although, speaking with Thomas through email, he wasn’t banking on that to happen. Instead, this hopeful new series, aptly titled ‘Make Believe’, is to simply serve as a way for Josh to showcase his own ideas for some of his favorite games.

“I guess the main thing I hope to accomplish with Make Believe is to seriously just have fun. I’ve been playing Nintendo games since I was 3 years old, so having a constant exposure to their franchises and brands has made me want to envision my own ideas for them. It’s all a lot of hard work, but it’s nothing but fun to work on. It would be cool to hear that staff at Nintendo has seen the videos and enjoyed them, but I wouldn’t say I’m doing this in hopes of Nintendo taking note.”

“I think it would be pretty rare for any of the ideas presented in Make Believe to be used in one of Nintendo’s actual games. I would love it obviously, but I don’t think the odds are in favor of it…”

Now more than ever, gaming companies are listening to their fans. A great example of fan service has been delivered through none other than Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros., which only just recently saw Final Fantasy 7‘s Cloud Strife revealed as an upcoming addition to the game’s roster. Perhaps the company will take note of the creative suggestions brought up during The Bit Block’s latest, but for now many will be contempt to simply make believe.

What did you think of this take on Animal Crossing for the Wii U? Would you like to see something like this arrive on the console? Get at us in the comments.

Source: TheBitBlock