Animal Crossing Mobile Game Delayed by Nintendo


Nintendo announces the delay of the Animal Crossing mobile game, pushing back the highly anticipated mobile release because of Super Mario Run and Fire Emblem Heroes.

When Nintendo announced that it would be releasing an Animal Crossing mobile game, bringing the hugely popular village-life series to smartphones and tablets, gamers were delighted. However, this anticipation soon turned to disappointment when Nintendo announced that Animal Crossing's smartphone debut had been delayed - along with the release of the Fire Emblem mobile game - due to the impending launch of Super Mario Run.

Unfortunately, Nintendo has now announced that the Animal Crossing mobile game has been delayed again. During the company's latest earnings report that detailed its financials for the third quarter of the fiscal year, as well its upcoming plans, Nintendo revealed that Animal Crossing would not launch on mobile devices until the end of the current fiscal year which is March 31. The company didn't offer a more specific date than that for the game, meaning that it could arrive any time between April 1, 2017 and March 31, 2018.

Nintendo explained that the reason for the Animal Crossing mobile game delay is because of both Fire Emblem and Super Mario Run. Fire Emblem Heroes is set to launch February 2, while Super Mario Run comes to Android in March following its successful release on iOS in December. Seemingly as not to crowd the mobile gaming space with its series and as not to overwhelm mobile gamers with choices, the Animal Crossing game, which does not have a title as of yet, has been pushed back.

The delay of the Animal Crossing title means that Nintendo will not meet its initially announced target of five mobile games launched by March 2017. Super Mario Run, Fire Emblem Heroes, Miitomo make three though the delay of Animal Crossing and the quiet cancellation of another, unannounced game that was nixed as a result of the "market conditions and the development process for each title" means that the company is well off its goal.

This revised mobile release state could cause unrest among Nintendo investors. When Nintendo announced its mobile game partnership with DeNA, investors and analysts were excited as they had been calling for the company to get into the mobile gaming space for a while. Understandably, those with Nintendo stocks will be upset as this means that they could end up getting less of a return on their investment than expected, though perhaps the Nintendo Switch sales performance will renew faith and offset any concerns fewer mobile releases.

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