Break out the Rolling Rock, everyone’s favorite nerd (with serious anger management issues) is finally getting close to releasing his first feature length film and today fans are treated with the first trailer — loaded with enough filth, cursing and potty humor in three minutes to rival many of the show’s full episodes.

The long running web series has grown since its humble beginnings as a YouTube video game review back in 2004. Going by the title “Bad NES Games”, star James Rolfe’s liberal use of profanity and rampant alcohol consumption mixed with a humorously vicious review of Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest earned him the respect of gamers who remembered the title with both love and disdain (a common theme of the show). The Angry Video Game Nerd, as he’s come to be called, went on to create a web series where he mercilessly tore apart retro games, particularly those that were either incredibly difficult or severely flawed due to poor game design, to the delight of fans who enjoyed the nostalgia or simply wanted to learn a bit of gaming history.

The production budget was never particularly high, but as it evolved, the series saw the use of multiple actors, video graphics and even an admittedly catchy theme song, through support from friends and fans. The movie, however, needed even more support and James reached out to fans for financial help by asking for donations through IndieGoGo, an international crowd funding site — outlets growing in popularity as a major resource in funding gaming projects. Through this service, the film far exceeded its asking goal of $75,000, reaching $325,327 by the end of the campaign — evidence that the show has a seriously dedicated fanbase. With the trailer’s production quality clearly surpassing its online counterpart in just about every respect, it’s evident the money is being put to good use.

Since filming began in Spring 2012, fans have had to be patient while the show took an extended hiatus from regular video updates while James focused on the film — which is promised  to be more than a simple video game review, it’s an epic adventure about a video game review. But not just any video game, the most notoriously awful game of all time: E.T. for the Atari — which just happens to be the only game The Nerd hasn’t reviewed, and is also the most requested.

Fans will see that request finally fulfilled sometime Summer 2013, when it is expected to release on DVD and Blu-ray.

Source: Cinemassacre

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