More Angry Birds Are Flocking Your Way for Valentine's Day

Angry Birds Sequel

Don't you know about the bird? In the world of mobile gaming, everybody knows that the bird is the word...the angry kind, anyway. If you're a fan of the popular mobile game Angry Birds, you'll be happy to know that Finnish developer, Rovio Mobile, has announced that Angry Birds Seasons will get an update in February for Valentine's Day. The announcement also came loaded with hints that new versions of the popular mobile downloadable game may be released in the future.

Like so many other enthusiasts of fowl with anger management issues, we cannot get enough of this title that has taken the emerging mobile gaming platform by storm. Obviously, we are far from the minority as over 50 million mobile users have already downloaded the game since its debut. Moreover, the Angry Birds empire continues to expand. From making an appearance on the PlayStation 3 to releasing a board game, Rovio Mobile is showing their confidence that the franchise still has plenty of legs.

For those of you who have spent the last year in an underground Chilean mine, the premise of Angry Birds is simple enough. Outrage overwhelms a flock of colorful birds once they discover that their precious eggs have been stolen from their nest. A crowd of pigs stands by looking extremely guilty. Your objective consists of catapulting the scorned birds via slingshot in order to hit their porcine kidnappers, who often cower under, inside, or behind various structures fashioned out of wood, glass, or solid rock.

After developing 53 moderately successful hits, Rovio Mobile has itself been launched to stardom by the success of Angry Birds and the operation has tripled in staff size over the last year. Another good omen that more content could be on the way is the studio's assertion that licensing deals, including television and movie opportunities, are currently in the works.

A video released by Deutsche Welle TV, Germany's international broadcaster, shows more elaborate and promising scenarios and backgrounds for our airborne chickadees. Some of the screens displayed in their report appear to be much more than a mere Valentine's Day-themed expansion package similar to that of the Christmas expansion. Could these be screens from the rumored sequel? Check out the full video here:


Currently, Rovio's website is coy with the details on any updates to the game. The developer refuses to announce release dates in order to avoid the unnecessary stress of not being able to meet self-imposed deadlines. Therefore, no official announcement on a sequel, but when one appears it may very likely be from the point of view of the hungry pigs based upon previous comments made by the "Mighty Eagle" of Rovio, Peter Vesterbacka, at the most recent Social Gaming Summit in London. Still unclear is whether Blackberry and Windows phone users will ever be able to join in the Angry Bird craze as versions for these platforms have yet to materialize.

Hopefully, with new picturesque backgrounds and mind-boggling levels requiring Harvard-level demolition strategies, gamers will be treated to new breeds of tactical birds. I am still waiting on a green Florida parrot that can break matter with its annoying squawks.

Do you plan on downloading the Valentine's Day edition of Angry Birds? What features would you like to see in an Angry Birds sequel?

Sources: Rovio, Pocket Gamer

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