This Week in Mobile Gaming - April 14th, 2011

This Week in Mobile Gaming


  • In a recent interview Mark Rein, Vice President of Epic Games, assured that they will have Unreal powered games on the Android platform though no time frame is available. Google has a 50mb limit on application sizes, so developers that want to use the Unreal Engine to make titles are immediately held back since the engine produces a larger quality.

It'd be difficult for anybody right now to make a game with UDK and ship it on Android, because Unreal is for making high-end, high-quality-content games.

Windows Phone 7

Loyal Microsoft fans can rejoice since the fowl craze that every other platform has been enjoying, Angry Birds, is finally making it's way to Windows Phone 7 on May 25th. The game will support multitasking, but you probably won't use it since you'll be heavily addicted.


  • Chillingo is working on a sci-fi horror title called D.A.R.K. for the iOS, but are keeping most of the details quiet. We do know that it will mix shooter and RPG elements and you will be fighting alien enemies. The game will be out "soon" so in the meantime, check out the trailer below.


  • Speedbump Studios is the most recent developer to work on an iOS title using Epic Games' Unreal Engine. The title is called Dream:scape and the previews definitely look pretty. The plot puts you in the shoes of a man "caught in limbo between life and death" and will run on an "explorable narrative". Take a peek at the trailer below and keep an eye out for it on the app store, due out soon.



World of Goo iOS

World of Goo - Now on both iPhone and iPad in HD form, this is an award winning and creative puzzle game. Using various species of goo balls, you must construct them in a number of ways to reach a pipe to get to the next level. Each level is completely different, quirky and fun. All of the goo balls you collect can be used to build a tower as high as you can, versus other players across the world, in a separate level from the main puzzle game. Pick it up now in the iOS app store, temporarily $0.99 for the iPhone only version or $4.99 for the iPad/iPhone HD version.

You Don't Know Jack iOS

You Don't Know Jack - Based off of the original trivia game with an eclectic variety of subjects, the iOS version features 20 full episodes with more in future updates. The game features the usual multiple-choice questions as well as DisOrDats, Jack Attacks and other specialty questions. There are leaderboards and achievements through Game Center. Try the free lite version, or check it out for $2.99 (or $4.99 for HD) in the iOS app store.

Air Penguin iOS

Air Penguin - Using the accelerometer, tilt the penguin through Antartica to save its family from the melting ice caps. As you tilt, you must avoid various hazards while also using elements to aid you on the trek. There are 100 stages in story mode, and you can also try your hand in survival mode. Features Game Center support with 39 achievements to obtain. $0.99 in the iOS app store.

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That's it for this week. A handful of promising iOS titles on the way, or recently out. Which ones are you looking forward to? What are you playing now? Let us know in the comments!

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