'Angry Birds Transformers' Revealed; Coming Soon to App Stores

Angry Birds Transformers Reveal

With an impending summer blockbuster just over a week away (Transformers: Age of Extinction), the robots in disguise are once again a hot commodity. The upcoming shooter, Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark, will bring the Transformers to PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Wii U and PC, and 3DS; but thanks to the developers behind Angry Birds, mobile gamers will also be able to have some fun with the iconic bots in the near future...

Rovio skipped E3 this year, but did make an appearance at the Las Vegas Licensing Expo to reveal a new game: Angry Birds Transformers. The mash-up will arrive soon in multiple forms, including a mobile game. Fans of either franchise can expect plenty of tie-in merchandise to show up in stores, as well.

Chief Marketing Officer of Rovio, Blanca Juti, spoke about the new product's appeal...

"We’re really excited to combine the iconic Transformers universe with the quirky world of Angry Birds... This mash-up is going to appeal to both those who grew up with the brand in the 80’s, as well as fans of the brand today. People are going to love it!”

Angry Birds Transformers Poster

Transformers will be the third property that Angry Birds teams up with, following 2011's Angry Birds Rio and the more recent Angry Birds Star Wars and Angry Birds Star Wars 2. Although no details about the gameplay have been revealed yet, the vehicular nature of the Transformers have a lot of Angry Birds fans guessing that the game will be in the same vein as Angry Birds Go!

If Angry Birds Transformers does end up being an extension of the kart racing side of the Birds universe, it will give players a whole batch of new racers and new locations for courses.

The poster (shown above) pays homage to the Transformers the Movie 20th Anniversary Special Edition DVD. If the characters shown in the poster are more than just a nod to the DVD art, and actually end up as playable characters in the game, then this is what we know about the cast so far...

  • Optimus - Red
  • Bumblebee - Chuck
  • Heatwave - Terence
  • Matrix - Egg

Rumors suggest that Angry Birds Transformers will also incorporate the toy/gaming hybrid product, Telepods. We'll be interested to see how the Angry Birds blends the in-app and physical purchases to enhance the gameplay experience. With Skylanders, Disney Infinity, and now even Nintendo moving towards the hybrid toy market, it appears that there is a lot of faith on the developer side that the extra products are more than just a passing fad.

Are you looking forward to Angry Birds Transformers or does it feel a little too gimmicky for you? Let us know in the comments.


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Source: Rovio

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