'Angry Birds 'Transformers' Trailer is Surprisingly Awesome

Angry Birds Transformers Trailer


Remember when Angry Birds was just a simple (yet addictive) mobile game about flinging birds at pigs? When the concept itself was quirky and not part of a billion dollar brand and licensing deal? Yeah, those were the days.

Although, Angry Birds has become something of a taboo topic, it's hard to fault Rovio Entertainment for leveraging their game's success by combining it with some big names. It started with Rio, but now the Angry Birds brand has grown to include partnerships with Star Wars and, later this year, Transformers.

And while many may dismiss Angry Birds Transformers simply by virtue of its name, they may want to give the game a second chance. That is, if the above trailer is any indication of what the finished game will be like.

Although many expected Angry Birds Transformers to combine the birds-v-pigs mobile game with Michael Bay's movie franchise, Rovio is apparently going the other way with it. Instead, they have made the awesome decision to use the '80s cartoon Transformers as their base. It's the best of both worlds, really: kids get the Angry Birds they know and love, and older gamers get those throwback elements.

Angry Birds Transformers Trailer

No matter how you may feel about Angry Birds as a franchise it's hard to deny that this trailer hits a perfect nostalgic note for the old school Transformers fan. The VHS tracking, the cheesy music, the color palette, and the design of the Autobirds and Deceptihogs– it all brings back some pretty good memories. Well, maybe not that last part.

Whether or not the game itself will be able to duplicate those feelings of nostalgia, however, is another question. More than likely, this mobile game will simply use different Transformer bird designs as characters, but the combat will be signature Angry Birds. We could be wrong, though, as the franchise has begun to expand its reach gameplay wise (as indicated by Angry Birds Epic) and stylistically (as indicated by Angry Birds Stella).

It could be that Angry Birds Transformers is just the partnership the franchise needs to get some wider attention. Or the game could be one big play to sell more toys (there are Telepods figures on the way). We'll have to wait and see.

What do you think of this Angry Birds Transformers trailer? Does this mash-up interest you?

Angry Birds Transformers releases October 15, 2014 for mobile platforms.


Source: Rovio

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