Angry Birds Theme Song Cover

The current state of the gaming industry is interesting. While just a few years ago, people would scoff at the idea of mobile gaming becoming what it is today, in just a few short years, devices such as the iPhone have become a legitimate gaming platform.

While there are many games that have brought-in casual non-gamers, there is one that truly nailed this fact home: Angry Birds.

Developed by Rovio, Angry Birds has become a household name, quickly ascending as a best-seller regardless of the platform it’s on – and also distinguishing itself as one of the most profitable titles ever made. With all of its success, the game has become a pop culture icon, inspiring the creation of a live-action trailer spoof.

Now, popular internet music duo Pomplamoose have taken on the challenge of covering the Angry Birds theme song.

Check out the Angry Birds theme song cover below!


Pomplamoose have already made quite a name for themselves on YouTube with numerous popular videos covering hit songs. While they always try to have an upbeat and quirky tone, this marks their first foray into the truly odd. Who would have ever thought that the Angry Birds theme song could sound this good? Not only that, but it’s amazing to see them put their own spin on the music – and really make it into something original.

It’s crazy how quickly Angry Birds has blown up – and become a cultural icon. It’s rare for a video game to reach this status, especially one on mobile platforms. This level of popularity doesn’t come without problems though, as some larger console developers refuse give mobile developers the respect they deserve. As such, Rovio have taken it upon themselves to stand up against said criticism.

Angry Birds SeasonsRegardless, it’s clear that developers like Rovio are paving the way for mobile gaming and helping as the gaming industry transitions into a whole new world where consoles and handhelds aren’t the only method of gaming. It’s definitely an exciting and interesting time to be a gamer, and it will be even more interesting to see how mobile gaming evolves over the next couple years.

What do you think of the Angry Birds cover?