There’s something about birds on mobile devices that manages to strike a chord with consumers, as is evident by the wild success of titles like Tiny Wings and even the incredibly popular, and now removed, Flappy Bird. While both of those games have managed to soar to the top of app stores, the one franchise that’s continued to rule the roost is none other than Angry Birds.

Whether in the form of games, toys, clothing, or the forthcoming feature film, the series has quickly become an immense phenomenon and there are no signs of it slowing down at any point in the near future. Hot on the tail feathers of Angry Bird‘s continued success, Rovio has announced that a new game called Angry Birds Stella will be released later this Fall.

According to Rovio, the new game will introduce players to a never before visited sector of the beloved Angry Birds universe. The new look that’s been showcased in the initial teaser image looks to be a very Disney-esque rendition of the series, but there’s more to the initial art than meets the eye. Aside from completely revamping the way the disgruntled fowls appear, the tagline “best friends forever, most of the time” gives way to a potential fallout amongst the spherical birds.

Angry Birds Stella

Angry Birds Stella will expand beyond just another entry in the franchise, and will instead span “games, animations, books, toys and other fun stuff.” It sounds like there’s a lot going on this time around too, as the birds are said to have to band together to save their friendship and their homes. Sounds like a significantly deeper plot than any of the past games, and with the potential of “animations” thrown into the mix then it’s possible that Rovio could be pushing for a more substantial cross-media initiative than it has in the past.

What do you think Angry Birds Stella means for the series? Are you looking forward to another Angry Birds game?


Angry Birds Stella will be perching on unannounced formats later this Fall.

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Source: Rovio