While we don’t know all that much about Angry Birds: Star Wars as far as gameplay and moment-to-moment experiences go, that isn’t stopping fans from creating a wish list of iconic Star Wars items and characters they’d like to see in the game. Thus far we know what roles a few of the colored birds and pigs will be assuming, but that’s pretty much it. The first trailer for the mobile title teased the presence of the Death Star, but before the footage concluded it had sprouted pig ears.

This newest trailer follows a similar format to the first — it begins with footage from George Lucas’ classic movie, but then transitions into what appears to be CG footage from the game. While the Death Star took center stage in the first trailer, this one is all about the Millennium Falcon.

However, in Rovio‘s Angry Birds universe the Millennium Falcon isn’t just a ship capable of completing the Kessel Run in 12 parsecs it actually doubles as a bird slingshot. Whether or not that detail will be featured in the final game is unclear, but our guess is it’s intended to be more of a tease than a substantial reveal.

As we’ve already mentioned, not too much is known about Angry Birds: Star Wars at this point, but many are pointing to this title as one of the most anticipated mobile releases in quite some time. Yes, the Angry Birds fad, for a lot of people, has run its course, but the promise of anything Star Wars is hard to overlook.

Angry Birds Star Wars Millennium Falcon Trailer

The real question is whether or not Angry Birds: Star Wars will be able to evolve that core concept in such a way as to competently accommodate such a rich and dynamic universe. If the game is simply a retread of Angry Birds Space‘s mechanics, only with a Star Wars veneer, that will be pretty disappointing. We’ll find out when the game releases early next month on most mobile devices.

What other classic Star Wars characters, ships, etc. would you like to see altered for this Angry Birds game? Will this be the must-play mobile game of the fall?

Angry Birds: Star Wars releases November 8, 2012 for iOS, PC, Mac, Android, Windows Phones, and Kindle Fire.

Source: Rovio