'Angry Birds' Receiving New St. Patrick's Day Update

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As part of a GDC speech, Rovio’s Peter Vesterbacka revealed that Angry Birds, the ever-evolving portable game, would be receiving an update to coincide with St. Patrick’s Day. Similar in form to the Christmas and Halloween updates, this update will feature an overabundance of green in both level design and in the amount of pigs.

Furthermore, Vesterbacka revealed that Rovio does plan to roll out a new Angry Birds update to coincide with each major holiday. Many were hoping this to be the case, especially considering the almost astronomical popularity of Angry Birds and the desire for MORE levels. Rovio confirming the news should make millions very happy.

As well as announcing the St. Patrick’s Day update, Vesterbacka revealed a fun little statistic that relates to Angry Birds’ “Mighty Eagle.” For those who haven’t used the “Mighty Eagle” before, or for those who might not want to admit they have used it, the power-up is a purchasable item that completely wipes a single level clear of any pigs. Like the Game Shark, the “Mighty Eagle” is for players who are so challenged by a level that they would rather fork over 99 cents than endure any more frustration. As it turns out, 40% of all Angry Birds players who purchased the game post "Mighty Eagle" have made use of the pay-per-use power up.

While Vesterbaka was forthcoming about both the existence of a St. Patrick’s Day update and plans for future updates, he did not reveal when portable gamers might see this update, nor did he touch on the news that Angry Birds is coming to the 3DS. March 17th seems like the obvious date, considering it’s actually St. Patrick’s Day, but something tells me gamers won’t be in a very “game ready” state then.

Stay tuned to Game Rant for the official release date of the Angry Birds St. Patrick’s Day update, and for news on future holiday releases.

Which holidays would you like to see included as part of an Angry Birds update? Any gamers out there honest enough to admit they have purchased the “Mighty Eagle?”

Source: Joystiq

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