'Angry Birds Space' Coming in March, Teaser Trailer Released

Angry Birds Space Trailer

Angry Birds have invaded nearly every part of our lives, from our mobile phones to our web apps, but Rovio's gaming franchise is not done yet. As revealed by a new trailer, the birds are taking their efforts extraterrestrial, and heading into space.

While Angry Birds expansions have, thus far been relegated to Holiday themed varieties and one based around the animated film Rio, this Space version of Angry Birds has the potential of being a huge leap forward for the franchise. Unfortunately, while the trailer is funny, it doesn't reveal anything about the game's space-based mechanics.

Obviously we can expect Rovio to play around with gravity and maybe even black holes or light speed, but beyond that Angry Birds Space could very easily be another re-skin for the popular franchise. After dominating the mobile market, and the downloadable app space on a ton of platforms, Angry Birds doesn't need to do much beyond release new levels for fans (of which there are millions) to get excited.

Check out the trailer below:


What's most important about the trailer is that it preserves the sense of humor of the series. Commercialization oftentimes leads to a lack of creativity, but it appears that Angry Birds still has the charm that endeared it to unsuspecting folks back in 2009. If, at this point, your game franchise is big enough to be parodied countless times — in the style of everyone from Guy Ritchie to Michael Bay — the hope is that the original property can keep that momentum going.

As was shown in the footage, Angry Birds Space launches on March 22, but on what platforms we do not know. At this point it's safe to say that iOS and Android devices are getting the app, but with everything from Google+ to Facebook playing Angry Birds these days it's hard to tell where the game might launch. Still, there's plenty of time for Rovio and Chillingo to work out those details.

What do you think of Angry Birds Space? How would you like to see the mechanics change for this new setting?

Angry Birds Space launches March 22, 2012.


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