'Angry Birds Space' Launch Trailer Boldly Goes Where No Bird Has Gone Before

Angry Birds Space Launch Trailer

Tonight the next iteration in the Angry Birds franchise will become available to the masses. Angry Birds Space aims to raise the bar with a new gravity gameplay mechanic and new types of birds, including the blocky Ice Bird. To tease your expectations, Rovio has shared the official launch trailer to introduce and showcase Angry Birds Space gameplay.

Until now, the many versions of the Angry Birds have included movie tie-ins and various holiday-themed releases, and some were beginning to believe the most popular game of all time had done it all. The gameplay across these releases has remained pretty much the same, even though the locations and map designs were varied and a few new birds were introduced.

Angry Birds Space will change all of that by forcing players to utilize the gravitational pull of celestial bodies to thwart the evil pigs - A mechanic that was demonstrated by NASA astronaut Don Petit earlier this month. The following trailer shows off some of the new birds and gameplay in Angry Birds Space.


Angry Birds is no longer the top app in the iOS app store, but that will likely change when Angry Birds Space hits the market. Throwing gravity into the mix was a smart move by Rovio and it will be sure to bring back in those who have become bored with the franchise.

The brief story element in the trailer indicates that the birds have this uncontrollable urge to jump through worm holes. Considering that the Angry Birds games have passed the 700 million download mark, it's a good bet that many mobile device owners will have a uncontrollable urge to download Angry Birds Space when it launches. Will you be one of them?

Rovio has confirmed that the 3DS will receive Angry Birds in some form as well, and this space setting will be perfect when combined with the 3D of Nintendo's handheld. Rovio is currently waiting for the go-ahead from Sony to launch the franchise on the Vita.

Angry Birds Space hits Android and iOS as well as MAC and PC on March 22, 2012.


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Source: RovioMobile

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