First 'Angry Birds Space' Gameplay Footage Appears

Angry Birds Space Gameplay

Finally, after suffering through not one but two live-action trailers that do little to show off the actual game part of Angry Birds Space, the first bit of gameplay from the game has made its way online. Now, this footage wasn't released by Chillingo, meaning there is no set-up or context for the single level that is on display, but if just this small taste is any indication of the larger package, fans might be in for an entirely new experience.

As expected, Angry Birds Space incorporates all of the crazy trappings that come with setting a physics based puzzler in space — things like weightlessness and gravitational pull.

Of course, underneath it all, the concept of Angry Birds Space seems to remain relatively unchanged: the player must use various types of birds, with various types of powers, in order to eradicate all the pigs on the board. The only caveat this time around is that those pigs might be much harder to get to, or their destruction might require a unique approach.

Take for example the pigs that are tethered to large masses of rock, and are bound by the laws of gravity not to stray to far from them. Those pigs are going to require a different strategy than those that are just floating aimlessly through space. Hopefully Rovio has outfitted players with a wealth of new birds to combat these interesting scenarios.


With the game's release (March 22nd) slowly coming upon us, it feels like only a matter of time before Rovio actually start showing more of this game off, and not just giving fans whimsical looks at the game's concepts. Obviously the thing is going to be a monster success, and Rovio could go without showing even one iota of the gameplay and it would still get buzz, but hopefully those that have become jaded by the formula can see a little more of what this iteration has to offer that is new.

What do you think of the first gameplay footage from Angry Birds Space? Should Rovio have committed to the space milieu 100% and eliminated all sound?

Angry Birds Space releases March 22, 2012 for all Android and iOS mobile devices.

Source: Kotaku

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