Angry Birds In the real world

Now that Angry Birds has officially taken over every electronic playspace imaginable, it seems the time has come to make its inevitable invasion into the real world.

Rovio has teamed up with German telecommunications company Deutsche Telekom to create a paper-mâché rendition of a level from Angry Birds and plop it down on the street.

The level has been set-up in the city of Terrassa, Spain, and both a flash mob and a live band were been hired to participate in the event. The band, of course, plays the Angry Birds song, making this the second cover of the theme we have heard in the past week.

The public participate in the event, with a solitary man in a crane working his way through the level, exploding pigs and all. Sure, it’s not flawless, but there’s no denying the ingenuity of the social experiment. If ever we thought the citizens of Earth might have momentarily forgotten Angry Birds existed, here is even more proof Rovio is committed to keeping our minds focused on the raging bird vs. pig war for months to come.

Check out the video “Spot Angry Birds en Terrassa” below:


The first thought that came to my mind: why is Rovio spending any more money on advertising at this point in game’s life cycle? Not a soul on the planet with access to an electronic device, be it cell phone, console, portable or PC, has managed to avoid Angry Birds fever entirely. Even Google has integrated the smash hit into their proprietary Chrome browser as a benchmark to show off the speed of the browser. Perhaps we will be seeing Rovio moving on to bigger and more expensive projects with the property after all.

Expect to see this enormous construction portrayed in advertisements around the world soon enough. We’ll see if this is a work of marketing genius, or just another drop in the ocean that is the Angry Birds community.

Source: Hasta Los Juegos [via Kotaku]