Angry Birds Reaches 7 Million Downloads On Android

Angry Birds Android

Angry Birds has been nothing short of a runaway success on the Apple App Store. Rovio – after liberating themselves from Chillingo – released Angry Birds Halloween on the iPhone, which led to 1 million downloads in just under a week. Today we learn that the free Android version of the original Angry Birds has hit 7 million downloads.The developer released this bit of information after responding to a follower on Twitter. The game was ad-supported on the Android marketplace, and unlike the iPhone versions of the game, the amount of revenue generated by the ad-supported version was not made public. However, given the shear number of downloads, we would like to assume that Rovio isn't having any money issues related to the franchise.

Angry Birds has definitely become a hit on the two major mobile platforms – Apple's iOS and Google's Android – and we revealed last week that it will be launching on the Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii in the near future. The console versions will have an emphasis on multiplayer and will probably send the level of addiction though the roof. One could imagine what will happen if this game came to a visually stimulating console such as the 3DS.

It's amazing that such a simple concept of knocking down a structure could be so much fun. Similar to a child playing with blocks, Angry Birds proves to be a fun diversion for adults armed with smartphones. It will be interesting to see what new titles Rovio comes up with once the popularity of Angry Birds has ended – if it ever ends.

Given this milestone of 7 million downloads and the Angry Birds' failed peace treaty, we'll probably see future games in the series released on Android devices. Perhaps the rumored Christmas version will make an appearance for all of those new Android users this holiday.

Source: Rovio Mobile Twitter

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