Angry Birds Hatching on the PS3 and PSP This Week

Angry Birds for the PS3 and PSP

Yes, Angry Birds continues its pursuit for world gaming domination with its upcoming release on the PS3 and PSP.  Players can continue sling-shotting their favorite animals to create complete destruction with the PlayStation Network update this week.

New and old Angry Bird gamers can play the 63 existing levels on their PS3 or PSP.  Flinging birds at the evil green pigs comes with an unannounced price tag, but since it's being released as a "mini," we should expect a more affordable download.  With fantastic physics and a new control scheme, Angry Birds hopes to find a whole new audience with this release.

This is just step one in Rovio's attempt to launch their troubled birds onto every console. Still no word yet on their delve into multiplayer gaming, but this could just be the first step in the process.  We are also unclear whether the latest Mighty Eagle addition will be included with the download.  The Mighty Eagle allows for greater re-playability and motive to reach an even higher top score.

With seemingly no new additions or HD support, will the millions of existing players want to return for another bird slinging adventure on their PS3 or PSP? Also, what will the future hold for DLC? Could a purchase of this 'mini' mean free access to future Angry Birds: Seasons releases?  Of most concern is the new control scheme.  Will killing evil pigs be as exhilarating with the flick of an analog stick?  There seems to be something strangely satisfying with touch control, but we'll be able to judge for ourselves what method is best soon enough.

Share your thoughts with us in the comments and let us know what platform you've played Angry Birds on or are you one of the few still waiting for the Atari 5600 release?

Angry Birds is available now on iOS devices, Android devices, Palm webOS, Symbian, and the Nokia N900.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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