'Angry Birds' Is Hugely Profitable, Developer Receives Big Investment

Angry Birds Games are Dying

Sounds like it's good news all around for the people at Rovio. Angry Birds has just been reported to be one of the most profitable titles ever by EEDAR (Electronic Entertainment Design and Research). The title only took $140 grand to develop, not including marketing tools such as cards, plushies, etc. Since its release in December of  2009, Angry Birds has generated an estimated $70 million, which is 500+ times it's initial cost. For those wondering what is the most profitable game ever made, DFC Intelligence's analyst David Cole  chimed in with this.

"Those simple games that become big hits are definitely the most profitable in the industry. Tetris is probably the biggest hit - it cost essentially zero to develop and continues to make money after 20+ years."

Believe it or not, the money train doesn't stop there for the people behind Angry Birds. Rovio recently received a $42 million investment to expand the brand. While that chunk of change was generated from multiple sources, it was co-led by Accel Partners, Atomico Ventures, and Felicis Ventures.  As you can imagine, the CEO of Rovio was pretty pleased.

"Angry Birds will continue to grow, and we aim to create more similar success stories. We will strengthen the position of Rovio and continue building our franchises in gaming, merchandising and broadcast media."

A Blackberry version of Angry birds, titled Angry Farm, was recently released, and plans are in place to expand the property to Facebook in May.

As one of the 30 million people who downloaded angry birds to their Android Device, I can easily see why this game would become such a rapidly growing hit. The only question is exactly how far Angry Birds can expand. The title started on smartphones and is already on or set to be released on every major console. While I am happy to see Rovio doing so well, people will eventually want to see a full Angry Birds sequel, and not just updates to match the current season.

In what ways do you guys want to see Rovio spend their newly found $42 mill? How long can the Angry Birds craze keep going?

Source: CVG

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