'Angry Birds' to Nest On PS3, 360 and Wii Consoles With A Focus On Multiplayer

Angry Birds To Nest On Consoles With A Focus On Multiplayer

If there are any Ranters out there that haven't yet experienced the joy that is Angry Birds, then prepare to be excited. Today at the Social Gaming Summit hosted in London, Birds developer Rovio announced to the world that the title would be coming to Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network, and the Nintendo Wii.

For those of you that don't know, Angry Birds is a charming little puzzle game where birds are launched from a slingshot into elaborate structures in an effort to neutralize pigs. Evil, green pigs that have stolen eggs, that is. In addition to the game's regular puzzle mode, the developer has its sights set on multiplayer for the console versions. Unfortunately, no details were provided about how gamers will enjoy Angry Birds with their friends, but it was hinted that gameplay might remind gamers of Worms. Perhaps new birds will be introduced with different properties, and one player launches the bird while the other uses the bird's abilities to take down those pesky, evil green pigs.

Chillingo, who originally published Angry Birds, was recently bought by EA. Luckily, Rovio retained the IP and revealed they have big plans for the incredibly popular bird-launching game. In addition to console versions, Rovio wants to see their game transcend the medium and make a presence in television, film, and even toys. Most recently, Rovio released a Halloween themed version of the game for the iPhone. The game was incredibly well received and sold a million copies in just a week. Could this kind of success mean that Rovio will offer holiday themed DLC packs on consoles?

What about you, Ranters? Do you already have Angry Birds on your mobile device? Will you be downloading a copy when it hits consoles? What would you like to see Rovio do with multiplayer? Share your ideas and thoughts in the comments section below.

Angry Birds is available now on iOS devices, Android devices, Palm webOS, Symbian, and the Nokia N900. A release date for Wii, Xbox Live Arcade, and PlayStation Network is currently unknown.

Source: Shacknews

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