'Angry Birds' Breaches One Billion Downloads


Rovio, the studio responsible for the fastest-selling mobile application of all time, has one-upped itself: the collective games from the Angry Birds franchise have officially been downloaded over one billion times. Fans of Angry Birds can rejoice at the idea of well over a trillion pigs being put in their place -- and rightfully so! Nobody likes hearing their snickers.

It's no secret that the original Angry Birds was one of the first widespread successes on the iOS Marketplace, and since spreading to Android, has gone on to capture a massive slice of the mobile gaming market. With Angry Birds Space becoming the fastest selling mobile game ever, Rovio certainly produced the momentum needed to catapult the series over the 10-digit hurdle. Such a number doesn't come lightly, and Rovio has evidently been preparing for this moment: the company released a nice 22 second video in tribute to the fans, which you can see at the top of the page.

While Rovio has dominated the mobile market since the initial release of Angry Birds back in 2009, the developer has only recently started porting the franchise over to Facebook, and is further considering options like the PlayStation Vita. If those versions receive a fraction of the success found by Angry Birds'  iOS and Android variants, than Rovio will likely be making headlines for years to come.

It's obvious the company has done well keeping the series in constant eye of the media, with lines of toys, physical games, plushies and even candy being marketed with our squawking heroes. While some may be growing tired of seeing the brand pushed everywhere, Rovio has done an excellent job keeping the series from going stagnant thanks to the addition of themed updates and Angry Birds Space.

The colorful Angry Birds have done well to reach this sales milestone, but if their latest foray into the gaming world is any indication, they're not slowing down yet.

What do you think about Angry Birds? Are you surprised that it has been downloaded so many times?


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Source: Game Informer

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