GR Picks [Video] The 'Angry Birds' Movie

Angry Birds Movie Spoof

One of the hottest games of the last year is that of Roxio's Angry Birds. What started out as a simple puzzle game app that let players fire little two-dimensional multi-colored birds into surfaces and green pigs, has now turned into a pop culture phenomenon.

Angry Birds are everywhere. In fact, with the profitability behind the brand now, leading to a recent $42 million investment, they should be very happy birds. In addition to the developers successfully launching additional seasonal content to the game, the franchise also has its own board game and is getting its own TV Series. Is the next step, a film?

I say this thinking to myself, no one's every going to make an Angry Birds movie, that's crazy! Just enjoy the spoof. Then I think about how they've turned the Battleship board game into an alien invasion film... Oh no, someone's going to make an animated 3D feature based on Angry Birds.

When they do, let's hope it's better than this:


This short spoof comes from the creative team at Rooster Teeth, who you may recognize from introducing the popular Red vs. Blue Halo machinima videos to the world. For throwing Michael Bay's name on the video, I'm disappointed there wasn't any explosions. Still, the video has garnered enough attention to hit 1 million views in just three days.

For a much funnier Angry Birds parody, watch this video where the Angry Birds and Pigs attempt to sign a peace treaty. It's much more intense. Watch it and thank me later.

Angry Birds is available on your iOS and Android devices as well as PC, and a more multiplayer-focused version of the game will hit the big three consoles in the near future.

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