‘Angry Birds’ Trailer Teases Knights and Wizards in New Game

By | 3 years ago 

After tackling film properties like Star Wars and Rio, and even letting players flip the script and play as the pigs, Angry Birds is now headed into uncharted territory. As a new teaser trailer for Rovio’s latest release suggests, those angry birds are headed to medieval times.

While details at this point are relatively slim, the above teaser trailer makes two things clear: a new medieval-themed Angry Birds title is on the way and it’s headed to Australia and Canada first. Rovio has dubbed it the “Most Epic Soft Launch Ever.”

At first, it seemed like this was the first we were hearing of an Angry Birds medieval game, but that might not be the case. As the folks at AngryBirdsNest were quick to point out, Rovio had, earlier this year, released a teaser image featuring some of their Angry Bird types in medieval garb. Specifically, the silhouetted image features the red bird as a knight (like the trailer), the yellow bird as a wizard, and the trio of blue birds as archers.

Moreover, the image was released as part of Rovio’s “What’s Next in 2014” promotional teaser, which makes the obvious connections hard to overlook. Unfortunately, even putting all the pieces together brings us no closer to deciphering when this game might hit mobile platforms in the aforementioned regions.

Angry Birds Knight Game Teaser Image

For those who have moved on from the Angry Birds craze, the promise of a medieval-themed game likely won’t do much to win them back. At the same time, Angry Birds is still one of the biggest mobile titles around, and there are plenty of casual gamers consistently looking for the next iteration of Rovio’s formula. So, in that regard, we expect that Angry Birds Knights (unofficial title we just made up but that we wouldn’t be surprised is the actual title) will deliver.

And as far as a new evolution of Angry Birds goes, there is reason to believe that Angry Birds Stella might be that game. The title allegedly offers a story-driven experience complete with new bird types and a more artsy design, which, at a glance, has us interested.

What do you make of this rumored Angry Birds game? How would you like to see Rovio add a medieval twist to things?

Source: Angry Birds Nest