Kinect Hacked to Play 'Angry Birds'

Angry Birds Kinect Hack

Angry Birds has been spreading its wings lately, making its way to platforms other than iOS and mobile devices as well as other mediums.With the launch of the Mac app store the fowl launching title maintained its top spot in the rankings, it has been successful in the Android marketplace and debuted itself in more of a physical state with plushes and even a board game.

Now, Angry Birds has become an unofficial Kinect title.

Thanks to KinEmote, which is software used to control PCs with Kinect, Angry Birds can now be played using motion controls. This particular hack uses a wireless controller in the same hand that the Kinect tracks. The wireless controller is used for simple button selections, where the hand is tracked for mouseover purposes. The hack works pretty flawlessly, enabling you to get your Angry Birds fix on your flat screen. Take a bird's eye view of the video yourself:


The only call-out is the use of a wireless controller, basically mirroring the Nintendo Wii usage versus Kinects controller-free use. Granted the Kinect doesn't read finger movements as controlling factors, but a perfect port of Angry Birds to the Kinect would have you grabbing the bird by closing your fist, pulling back and launching at the pesky swine. Any other alternative to controlling the title hands-free would lie in the development of the game versus hacking it to work with the Kinect hardware.

Either way, this is yet another impressive tweak to the Kinect and further proof of the technology's seemingly limitless potential. We've seen some interesting alternative uses of the Kinect so far, and we're sure to see many more in the near future thanks to folks like those at KinEmote.

What do you think about a motion-controlled Angry Birds? Are there any titles you'd like to see become Kinect enabled? Let us know in the comments!

Source: via Joystiq

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