Angry Birds Halloween Sells 1 Million in Under a Week

Angry Birds Halloween

Angry Birds has been the on the top spot of the Apple App Store for so long that it was strange to see it bumped down by Cut the Rope. That title's time at the top was short lived, because soon after hitting the big time on the App Store, Angry Birds Halloween was announced, and Cut the Rope basically had its rope cut. It has been just under a week – six days to be exact – and not only is Angry Birds Halloween and the original at the one and two spots of the App Store, but Angry Birds Halloween has sold 1 million copies in that short space of time. These birds don't mess around!

The Finnish developers Rovio announced the Halloween version just after the company decided to leave its original publisher Chillingo, which was recently bought by EA. It looks like Rovio jumped ship just in time to benefit from the success of the new game.

If you think that Rovio is planning on taking a break after this bit of good news, think again. Rovio CEO, Mikael Hed, recently stated:

We intend to continue creating more and more quality products and updates, and keep exceeding the expectations of our fans worldwide.

Looks like more updates to the already wildly popular series are coming down the pipe from Rovio. Angry Birds Halloween is exclusive to the iPhone and iPad, but Android users are able to experience the fun of the original Angry Birds for free. Rovio also plans to bring updates to the games on other mobile platforms such as Palm Web OS and Nokia N900. I wonder if we'll get to see a Christmas version?

I started off with Angry Birds Halloween, and while it's a bit challenging it's always fun and addictive. If you own an iOS or Android device it is highly recommended that you at least download the original Angry Birds. Android users have no excuse since nothing is cheaper than free.

You can get both Angry Birds and Angry Birds Halloween on the iTunes App Store for .99 each. The original Angry Birds is currently free on the Android Marketplace.

Source: CVG

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