'Angry Birds Halloween' Flies Onto the iTunes App Store

Angry Birds Halloween

Rovio, creators of Angry Birds, has officially announced that there will be a new addition to their line up at midnight on October 21 (you can pick it up right now). One of the worldwide best selling iPhone and iPod Touch games will be dressing up in ghoulish attire and cracking pumpkins as Angry Birds Halloween edition will be released.

With recent news of Chillingo, publisher of the original Angry Birds, being purchased for $20 million by EA Games, Rovio has decided to part ways and self-publish this Apple only exclusive title. There will be 45 new levels, which includes a story about the Golden Egg of terror. The new game will have creepy Halloween themed music, tons of pumpkins for the smashing, spooky environments and pigs with pumpkin hats.

Earlier this week we announced that the original Angry Birds was also released on Android devices for free. Not even a week after release and it's the number one free game on the market. Additionally Microsoft prematurely put an image of Angry Birds on promotional material for the new Windows Phone 7 OS that would be coming to phones soon. While Rovio officially stated they were not currently producing a version of Angry Birds for the new OS, they may in the future.

Now that Angry Birds is on both of the most popular mobile operating systems there is little to be done to deny Rovio's success. They also made a point to state support for Angry Birds would continue.

"In addition to this new experience, Rovio will also keep providing continuous free updates for Angry Birds!"

From the gameplay video it would appear that one of our favorite games will remain intact, but with some simple Halloween themes added in. I personally can't want to crack some pumpkins with the birds, as I'm no longer allowed to throw them off my fourth story balcony. What's that about?

Angry Birds Halloween will release on Apples iTune store at midnight for 99¢ on the iPhone and iPod Touch and $1.99 for the iPad.

Are you ready to smash some pumpkins with the Angry Birds Halloween edition?

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