The Angry Birds have seen it all. They’ve been lobbed at swine. Tossed at tropical hostages in an effort to free them. They’ve even been flung clear into a galaxy far far away.

Developer Rovio Entertainment has allowed their stern-faced feathered friends to celebrate holidays, appear in books, and now even their own series of animated shorts. And if an electronic device has a screen on it, touchable or not, the original game has found ways to fly into nearly all of them. Yes, the birds have done it all…Or have they?

Where does a developer take a franchise that has become a worldwide cultural phenomenon? It would be easy for the gents at Rovio to sit on some of that Angry Birds Star Wars cash for the duration of their careers. But no, these are busy birds, busier than the busiest of bees, these birds scoff at the notion of not having another project already in the pipeline. That project…is Angry Birds Go!, and it appears to be a downhill kart racer with everyone’s favorite down-feathered drivers at the wheel. Dibs on Yellow Bird!

The video above pokes fun at the idea of them trying out a few other game styles before landing on Angry Birds Go!, with infinite runner being among them. The clip also alludes to help from Red Bull in order to gain inspiration for the work-in-progress.

It is possible that “inspiration” in this context could be super-wink-wink code for “money.” So it’s not entirely out of the realm of possibility that Angry Birds Go! might have some sort of sponsor or ad component centering around everyone’s favorite heart poison.

Angry Birds GO

Not much information can be mined from the minute-long clip except for the general kart genre. Although there is perhaps a tiny nugget more gifted to those sitting at the front of the class from Angry Birds team member Kalle Kaivola’s statements:

“The moment the kart fell apart in front of our eyes, we just knew it felt right. So simple. So beautiful.”

Kaivola finished off by saying the game is still being finished but that there would be an announcement soon. The DYI-destruction element that Red Bull’s involvement brings to the table certainly harkens back to the DYI aspect of Angry Birds spinoff Bad Piggies.

Perhaps a build-your-own-racer with either a downhill feel or perhaps a more Mario Kart affair? Only time will tell as now the only game to play is the waiting one.

What kind of Angry Birds game do you Ranters want? Does the prospect of a kart racer in Angry Birds Go! sound appealing? Do you want the game where they just go away for at least three years before having to see them again? Let us know below!